Nicolas Watch Co. proudly manage the servicing, maintenance and trading on behalf of watch collectors. Most clients who share our passion for horology will own a number of timepieces, however for some, the obsession has gone a lot further.


With obsession comes a meticulous attention to detail; something we understand and our collectors expect. Those who own large collections will often focus on one particular brand (even one specific model), or enjoy watches from a specific time period (e.g. Rolex Princes from the 1930s). As such, they will have specialised needs in the care of their collection, all of which Nicolas Watch Co. aptly manage on their behalf.


Below you’ll find a summary of the various services offered to watch collectors:


Once a watch comes into our care it is registered for future ongoing maintenance. Nicolas Watch Co. will ensure timely reminders are sent to clients via an agreed channel.


In the meantime, we remain open to any queries regarding the curation and maintenance of a collection or any technical issues which may arise. Nicolas Watch Co. enjoy ongoing banter with our fellow ‘horophiles’ and are happy to be consulted on an ad-hoc basis.


Should you have any outstanding watch servicing requirements, please feel free to contact us or complete the Service My Watch Form.


The correct market valuation for a watch is something of a science and should involve a decent amount of research and verification. While large auction houses might believe they guide collectible watch pricing, the biggest ‘auction house’, the Internet, is a far more accurate gauge. Following Internet trends delivers a global perspective on how much collectors are paying for pieces. Knowledge and experience on where, when and how watches are traded provides Nicolas Watch Co. with a deeper insight into such trends. With over 14 years’ experience in high-value online trading (watches and jewellery), Nicolas Watch Co. know the online landscape thoroughly and can advise and qualify correct market valuations on collectable timepieces.


Furthermore, Nicolas Watch Co. are able to assess a single item or indeed an entire watch collection for insurance purposes. The service includes:


  • Onsite Assessment (where required)

  • Insured & Safe Collection Storage

  • Professional Item Photography

  • Item Profiling

  • Certificates of Valuation & Validation


Upon completing a valuation, Nicolas Watch Co. will keep record of the assessment, making it available to an insurance company should they need to reference this directly with us. Upon occasion Nicolas Watch Co. have ensured a successful insurance claim on behalf of our clients.


If you are interested in finding out the value of your treasures then please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, you can also book a time to visit our London offices, based in Stanmore or Farringdon.


While selling online is usually the best path for watch trading, auction houses do serve their purpose and, in some situations, will deliver more value for certain kinds of timepieces. Nicolas Watch Co. have ongoing relationships with various prominent auction houses as well as knowledgeable specialist traders. Should a piece come into our care which warrants attention from an auctioneer, Nicolas Watch Co. are able to negotiate the auction terms for the benefit of our client and ensure a lucrative sale is delivered.


Please feel free to contact us should you need to know more about watch auctioning.


Most fine watch owners can rely on their home insurance to provide cover for their timepiece. Many policies will incorporate high-value single items, although Nicolas Watch Co. recommend checking the watch is covered to the correct value and while worn away from the home, especially when travelling.


However, for watch collectors, insurance cover is an entirely different consideration and, dependant on the collection’s size, value and location, a dedicated insurance policy is a practical must. Nicolas Watch Co. work closely with a variety of trusted insurance providers to produce bespoke insurance policies suited to our clients’ specialist needs.


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding watch collection insurance.


For both new and second-hand watches there are always opportunities to buy well. Nicolas Watch Co. has a broad reach into the industry and can source both new and second-hand pieces at often favourable prices. As with all luxury goods, sourcing new or modern second-hand watches is very much dependant on supply and demand; we therefore guide our clients in where we think most value will be realised in terms of outlay and future investment value.


For vintage watch sourcing on behalf of collectors, the system works differently, as locating a specific piece can be a global quest. Once identified, the item may not actually be for sale. A whole new level of negotiation is therefore required between collectors, leveraging collection pieces to ensure a beneficial outcome for our clients.


If you would like to source a specific watch or are looking for advice on what watch to buy, please feel free to contact us.


If you are a watch collector, it is likely you will also be a fan of fine jewellery. Some of our clients have held large fine jewellery, handbag and crystal collections. While watches remain our forte, Nicolas Watch Co. have strong links to the jewellery industry, and our repair skills, online selling expertise and frequent contact with auctioneers makes us prime for maintaining and selling fine jewellery pieces.


It is safe to say that we our specialist services for watch collectors can be applied to jewellery. As such we can offer:


  • Bespoke Jewellery Design & Creation

  • Jewellery Repairs & Polishing

  • Jewellery Collection Valuations

  • High Value Jewellery Insurance

  • Fine Jewellery Trading


Please feel free to contact us should you have any jewellery related requirements.

Nicolas Watch Co. manage the maintenance of my growing watch collection in a friendly, convenient and professional manner. I have been impressed with their ability to repair and restore complex timepieces at a fraction of the cost quoted by the manufacturer and deliver in a quarter of the timeframe too.

Daniel, Central London (Rolex & Other Watch Collection)

If you are a watch or jewellery collector and would like to discuss ways in which your collection can be best maintained, protected and traded, please feel free to contact us.


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